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27 Nov '09

Terrence Blog

Posted by Hugh Campbell

Finally, after months of rhetoric and promises, the garments you have been waiting for have arrived. The garments came off the production line just over a month ago and we have been trying to hustle them on to our unsuspecting friends and family ever since.

Much like Willy Wonka before him, Terrence Towel opened the gates to his luxurious abode and invited one and all to partake in some summer satisfaction. Two launch parties were held at Towel Manor to herald the emergence of the uniquely Australian brand. The ingredients were simple but successful: Towel, sunshine, pool, beverages and beats. Terrence used these launch parties as a way to gauge the response of the public to our towel garments. Fortunately, reactions were really positive despite the public relations nightmare of losing three customers down the chocolate river.

From these two early parties, sales have started to gain momentum. We have even had a few customers come in who we didn’t know directly which was exciting.

Speaking of exciting, Terrence has been working around the clock to ensure the timely unveiling of its website. Each of the Terrence boys spend at least three full days a week on towel related work to keep the wheels in motion. Michael, with his background in Banking & Finance and Accounting, is the businessman of the operation. Rowan’s background of Banking & Finance makes him the ‘get the job done’ man. Hugh’s background in Mechanical Engineering and Finance makes him the work experience kid. He does however hold ambitions of becoming Junior Vice-President.

The website contains wonders unlike anything you could possibly imagine. Unless you can imagine luxurious and eye-catching garments made from the finest towel available, in which case you will find wonders exactly like what you can imagine.

Now that the fashion label has achieved internet availability, all indications point to towel becoming more popular than Oprah Winfrey. With this in mind, it is best to get in early to secure your purchase because you don’t want to be the only person at book club not draped in towel.

One such indication of Terrence’s appeal comes in the form of the great Shane Keith Warne. Michael and Rowan were minding their own business when the Sheik of Tweak sidled up to them and asked for an autograph. Reluctantly they agreed, and despite being there to see Tiger, they ended up having a yarn to the greatest spin bowler of all time. Inevitably, conversation careered toward the delightful canary yellow towel shorts that Michael was wearing. When the great man’s eyes came to rest on the garment, he was heard to exclaim: “Oh, they’re bloody good, ey?”. Amen Warnie, amen.

Michael, Rowan and Hugh are just young kids trying to make their way in life. That way is towel, may you relish it as much as they do. We only ask that you enjoy your Terrence responsibly and without moderation.

Before finishing this instalment of the Terrence blog, we leave you with a comment from one of our many customers:
“Thank god for towel, but I thank you Terrence for turning that towel into incredible shorts” (J. Marton).

Keep an eye out for more blogs coming soon.

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