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06 Dec '10

Sack Up - Orders are despatched next day!!

Posted by Michael Starke

Christmas is all about giving…

The tree is set and neatly decorated in the corner of the room, a string hangs in an arch over the fire place holding aloft Christmas cards bringing warm wishes to all. The novelty sized leg of ham has been coated with 7 layers of honey glaze and been baked to perfection in the oven. The wreathe on the front door shines like a beacon to those walking by, signalling it’s the season to be good to one another.

Christmas day finally arrives and everyone gathers around the tree after lunch with armchairs given out on a strictly oldest first basis. Someone is presented with a gift. Eyes are as sharp as a hawks as the person gently shakes the gift to listen for any additional clues – the crowd hushes.

They delicately and deliberately run a finger under the wrapping-paper edge, opening the gift slowly so as to build the anticipation in the room. People make amusing suggestions as to what might be inside;

“It’s a book” someone yells,

“ No, no, it’s a pair of socks” another adds. It is clearly neither of these things.

You watch the person’s face, as they get to the business end of the unwrapping. They add that they ‘Wonder what it could be’ and look around the room to see eyes burning into the package. Wanting, yearning, needing to know what is inside. The person folds back the last piece of wrapping paper to reveal their prize. It’s now time for the real Christmas show to begin. The person has received a terrible present and has realised it’s time to win that Oscar they never wanted. A worthy performance given after receiving a less than impressive gift can save a marriage, a friendship, or even a family.

Why do people put their loved ones in such a predicament at Christmas? When only very few people can successfully act their way out of this potentially explosive situation. Pick the gift that cannot fail, a gift that lets someone special know that you care about them enough not to make them act on Christmas. On-deck shorts for dad, beachin’ singlet for bro, retro-wrap dress for mum and whoa-man shorts for sis. Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and grandparents alike all get a bucket hat – simple, practical and with a fail rate so low it’s almost like you read their minds and already knew what they wanted.

So make life easy on friends and family this year – give them the gift they always wanted, but just didn’t know it yet – Towel Clothing.

Your welcome, and Merry Christmas,
Terrence Towel.