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25 Nov '10


Posted by Michael Starke

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Terry Towel was a pioneering, remarkable, almost mythical rogue with a passion for style, comfort and above all, towel. In the 1970’s Terry’s brash and striking flavour caught the eye of fashion luminaries all over the world. Terry knew that there was no fabric with more comfort, character, and style than the genius of Terry Towel

Terry’s ascension to the pinnacle of fashion was all owing to the use of towel. However, the daring and insight required to harness the power of towel is not an ability that can be taught or learnt. Thus, when Terry retired from his fast-paced and flashy lifestyle to that of a mere mortal, the secret of the towel was thought to be lost forever.

Fortunately, the secret was not lost, but merely lay dormant in the mind, body and soul of the next generation of the Towel era.

Terry’s legacy of satisfaction, audacity and awesomeness has now been recreated by his son Terrence Towel. Terrence combines his father’s flair with fresh colours, exquisite cuts and, of course, the legendary towel to create apparel of unbridled satisfaction.

Finally people can again feel the soft caress of high quality 100% cotton terry towel all over their bodies for all hours of the day; a chance to return to the garish brilliance of our towel wearing forefathers.

No longer do we have to trade comfort for style, no longer must we endure the indignity of dull and dreary garments and no longer are we confined to the monotony of conformity. Terrence has arrived.

23 Nov '09


Posted by Michael Starke

Media Release

Terrence is a new collection of stylish clothing made in Melbourne, Australia, out of comfortable,
high quality Terry Towel.

Founded from a want of clothes that look good, feel better and recapture the energy of towel
fashion seen on the beaches of Australia during the 1970‟s, Michael Starke, Hugh Campbell, and
Rowan Gabb created Terrence to be fashionable, unique and the pioneer in a towel revival.
The debut, 2010 spring / summer collection features a range of edgy, yet simple styles; modern
tweaks to enduring classics.

Available are short sleeved hoodies, dresses, shorts, polo tops and singlets, with each piece
available in a range of fresh summer colours. A range of quality imported sunglasses are also

The clothes are 100% quality cotton and display a real attention to detail that can be seen in the
lined waist bands, thick rope pulls, chunky contrast zips and quality embroidery.

It‟s perfect for relaxing by the pool, drinking beers in the sun, catching a gig at night, or ideally, all
three in one day.

“We‟re social guys, who like to look good but be comfortable as well,” said Michael.

“Terrence is the sort of clothing that will take you from the city to the couch to the party, without
ever feeling out of place”.

“We‟ve borrowed from retro styles, but kept the cuts modern and stylish, as we wanted to offer a
new take on terry towel clothing”.

“I think Percy Grainger, Australian composer, pianist and early pioneer of towel clothing, said it
best when he said ‘towel garments are cool in summer, warm in the winter, and washable at all
times’,” said Rowan.

Terrence clothing will only get better with wear, and promises to age into a true vintage garment.
It‟s sure to be one of your favourites, both the day you buy it and after another five summers of

Terrence is currently available exclusively through the Terrence website at www.terrence.com.au,
but keep an eye out for small boutique fashion outlets along the coasts.

Visit the site to view the different styles and available colours, as well as the continually changing
vintage sunglasses Terrence imports from overseas.

You can also become a friend of Terrence Towel on facebook or follow him on Twitter.

For more access to media or product samples please contact Michael Starke:
Phone: (+61) 0403 193 717
Email: michael@terrence.com